Mixed day results from a very tight race day

CEO John Boulous said;
”While disappointed we were unable to reach an agreement with Terry, for this revised competition around the 1st Grade Coaching component of his role, we are lucky to have a coach of Ante’s experience on staff at the Club and he is able to step into the role immediately to take the squad.”

Sydney Olympic FC, along with all National Premier League Clubs, were forced to take precautionary measures in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and offer revised contracts to players and staff to ensure their participation in the revised Competition is sustainable.

Players were offered a reduced salary for the 2020 season and were fully accepting of the rationale behind this revised offer to support the Club’s participation in the competition.

“We are very lucky that our players appreciate the financial impact from decreased funding and sponsorship on the Club due to COVID-19 . Our playing groups, men and women have all been willing to accept revised terms in their agreements to ensure we put the Club at the forefront of all decisions and are able to participate in the proposed competition”. Boulous said.